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15 Karl Marx str. 242500 Karachev Bryansk region


METACLAY launched production of innovative pipe coating

On December 03, 2020 at the production site of METACLAY JSC in Karachev, the grand opening of the production line, designed for the series production of fiberglass unidirectional reinforced tape "METALENTA" for the protection of insulating coating of main gas and oil pipelines steel pipes of the project for the production of protective fiberglass coating "Kolchuga" took place.

" Despite the difficult situation both in Russia and in the world related to the spread of coronavirus infection, the interaction of business, government and various development institutions helps to implement important and necessary investment projects in Russia in the shortest possible time. This project will not only contribute to the development of domestic consumption, but also increase export supplies," said Alexander Orlov, Director of the Department of Chemical and Technological Complex and Bioengineering Technologies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“Today another enterprise with the support of the Fund launched a new production line. The fiberglass tape, which will be produced in the small monocity of Karachev, has no analogues in Russia. The project has already attracted more than 330 million rubles of investment into the economy of the town and created new jobs. Together with the residents of the monotown we rejoice at this event," said Olga Makaeva, Deputy General Director of MONOGOROD.RF.

The Deputy Chairman of the Bryansk Regional Duma Vladimir Pronin and the Director of the Department of Industry, Transport and Communication of the Bryansk Region Victor Voystrochenko also said congratulatory words. They cut the red ribbon together with Sergey Ivanov, Executive Director of METACLAY JSC.

The event was held in compliance with safety measures during the spread of the coronavirus infection.