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Pipes coating

In 2009 METACLAY JSC launched the production of an innovative anticorrosive protective coating for steel pipes. The products are manufactured on the basis of nanomodified polymer.

Outer two- and three-layer coating for pipes is currently the most effective anticorrosive coating for factory-applied pipes and has a wide range of applications: oil pipelines, main gas pipelines, product pipelines, municipal pipelines, etc.

Polyethylene anticorrosive coating

Metalen PE-21 - monolayer polyethylene anticorrosive coating, allows avoid application of adhesive when applying outer anticorrosive protection.

Metalen PE-1 is a polyethylene for outer anticorrosive coating when insulating large- diameter steel pipes by lateral and circular (longitudinal) extrusion.

Metalen APE-1 is an adhesive agent for the outer layer of anticorrosive polyethylene coating for isolation of large-diameter steel pipes by lateral and ring (longitudinal) extrusion.


Polypropylene anticorrosive coating - material is under development.

You can be consulted on the purchase of materials:

  • Stanislav Sergeev
  • Expert on sales development and technical support of materials
  • +7-499-969-81-30
  • +7 (965)-232-40-87
  • Kirill Skubin
  • Project Manager of anticorrosive materials
  • +7-499-969-81-30
  • +7(905)742-22-30

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