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Paving Bitumen Modifier MONAMET B3


Modifier for Road Bitumen and Polymer-Bitumen Binders.

The product is intended for polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) used for road construction, for mastics, and waterproofing materials. The main components providing elasticity and wear resistance to the road pavement, including rutting resistance, are PBBs manufactured by mixing oil road bitumen and styrene-butadiene copolymers (SBC) in the presence of plastifiers. The main problem of PBB is partial compatibility between copolymers and bitumen components, affecting the system’s stability during storaging and transporting for more than 5 hours in hot condition. MONAMET B3 modifier allows improving the compatibility of PBB components so that the obtained PBB materials remain stable for at least three days.

The improved compatibility of PBB components qualitatively influences properties of the obtained PBBs, which in turn positively influences final properties of road pavements. Stability of PBB components opens up new opportunities for PBB storaging and transporting in heated condition with concerns for the quality of the material delivered to asphalt plants. Furthermore, the PBB preparation time is reduced by 2 to 3 times depending on the road bitumen grade used as the feedstock, which, besides increased PBB quality, significantly lowers expenditures for manufacturers of this kind of binders.

MONAMET organo-modified nanoclay by METACLAY JSC, dispersed in binder to intercalated condition, is responsible for ensuring the PBB system’s stability. Added together with MONAMET B3 modifier, the organophilic clay is combined with both SBC and road bitumen components, with all the PBB components permeating nanoclays interlayer spaces, creating a kind of network of numerous linkages, similar to framework structures formed when mixing with polymers.