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Nanosilicate - organophilic clay


Chemically modified montmorillonite in the form of a grey-white to white-yellow powder.


Nanosilicate MONAMET 1O4 has a special modifier that improves the compatibility of nanoclay with substances whose molecules contain both aliphatic chains and aromatic functional groups.

MONAMET 1O4 can be used as a functional additive in the following polymers: polyethylene (PE); polypropylene (PP), copolymers based on them, polyolefins (PO) containing grafted polar functional groups (maleized and oxidized) in the polymer chain, rubbers containing aromatic functional groups, polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyamides (polyamide- 6, polyamide-6,6, etc.)

MONAMET 1O4 can be used as an additive in some oligomeric and low-molar substances: epoxy resins, bitumen, polymer-bitumen binders, paint thinners, as a component for the preparation of organic drilling fluids.