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Hot-melt fillers of METACLAY JSC consist of a mixture of polyolefins, a complex of adhesive additives and graft polymers. Products contain a complex of stabilizers that provide high thermal stability during use, as well as high resistance to aggressive environmental factors and oxidative degradation.

Hot melt fillers have a number of advantages:

  •  excellent compatibility with polyethylene coatings;
  •  combination of high level of adhesion and durability;
  •  ease of application due to high fluidity;

Products are available under the brands METALEN MS-1, METALEN MS-2, METALEN MP-1, METALEN MP-2


 You can be consulted on all matters of interest by:

  • Project manager for anti-corrosion materials
  • Kirill Skubin
  • 8-499-969-81-30 (411)
  • +7(905)742-2230