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Cable industry compounds

Metaclay JSC is the Russia's largest developer and manufacturer of a wide range of polymer compositions for cable insulation and cable sheath.


Compound 0-12/0-51 (TU 2243-001-63341682-2010)

Compound 0-11/051 (TU 2243-001-63341682-2010)

HDPE 153-10K (GOST 16336-2013)

The composition of black color is resistant to thermal and oxidative aging at processing and operation, as well as resistant to photooxidative aging during operation. It is recommended for applying insulation, sheaths and protective covers of cables.

Peroxide-Crosslinkable PE

The company is planning to produce a family of TR-XLPE compounds (treesing-resistant persoxide-crosslinked polyethylene) used to manufacture medium- and high-voltage cables, starting 2017. Those materials are aimed at providing increased reliability and improved service life to power cables. TR-XLPE compounds by METACLAY JSC show higher treeing resistance and increased thermal and electrochemical ageing resistance.

Contact person:

  • Darya Timofeeva
  • Cable industry materials manager
  • +7-499-969-81-30 add. 411
  • +7(905)743-58-06

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