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Composite material based on modified polyethylene METALEN APE-11 manufactured by METACLAY JSC, unidirectionally reinforced with fiberglass threads. The material contains a complex of additives that give it increased resistance to thermal-oxidative degradation during processing and operation.

The width of METALENTA is from 40 mm to 600 mm

The width can be normalized and cut in accordance with the customer's specification. Fiberglass is impregnated in a special binder in several versions, based on PP, PE and PU. It has good adhesion to threads.

Current projects of METACLAY JSC on the use of METALENTA

Fiberglass Protective Coating FPC "Kolchuga" and Fiberglass Reinforcing Coating FRC "Kolchuga"

Preserves the polymer anticorrosive coating of pipelines.

Protects against impacts and punctures in rocky soils.

Reinforcing layer in polymer pipes

Provides flexibility, the capability to withstand greater pressure than similar products, additional reinforced protection while pulling through during installation, savings on polymer layers due to increased pipe strength.


The results of joint tests of FPC "Kolchuga" made of fiberglass tape METALENTA to protect the polymer anticorrosive coating of pipelines

• Impact resistance 5 kJ

• Integrity when tested for resistance to longitudinal cutting and piercing with a load of 1400 kg per 1 hard-alloy intender.


The application and adoption of fiberglass in honeycomb panels, the replacement of sandwich panels, as well as construction solutions using fiberglass are observed in:

    • railway industry (bumpers, floors, cars);

    • shipbuilding: dividing panels, floors, easily erected scaffolds;

    • construction industry involves the introduction of fiberglass in the construction of commercial real estate, private property, in architectural panels, in the construction of billboards, wall interior panels, as well as in the construction of retail outlets - fairs. The use of glass-cement panels in the construction segment makes it possible to carry out work in a more comfortable mode in curved places of structures.

    • automotive industry: motorhomes, truck bodies, engine protection panels.

•     other applications: filter housings, ventilation units, protective boxes, sports equipment, shielding boxes, cable armor, reinforcement of PE and PP pipes (in cases of high pressure inside the pipe), plates for construction and equipment in soft ground conditions, plastic containers for transportation heavy loads.


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