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METACLAY JSC took part in Cabex 2018

METAKLAY JSC took part in the Cabex 2018 cable-conductor exhibition on March 20-22 at the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center. Our company has introduced a new product line - halogen-free materials for noncombustible cables nc-HF and nc-FRHF. We also demonstrated the current range of cable insulation and the design of the COMPOUND SPE peroxidulable composition for medium voltage power cables.

At our booth, Andrei Meshalkin, the leading expert in the development of cable industry materials, and Daria Timofeeva, the head of cable industry materials, worked.

More details about participation in the exhibition and METACLAY's plans to develop the direction of cable industry materials can be learned from the interview of Daria Timofeeva and Andrey Meshalkin to portal during the exhibition.