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Sergey Shtepa has signed a Memorandum with Gazprom at SPIEF-2017

Sergey Shtepa, Director General of METACLAY JSC has signed a Memorandum with Gazprom PJSC at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2017) on 02.06.2017.

METACLAY of Karachev is the initiator of the "Caspian Innovation Company" project which together with Gazprom will build a facility for processing natural gas into polyethylenes based on the Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant (GPP). The Memorandum signed at the Forum determines the price at which the Caspian Innovation Company will purchase natural gas from Gazprom.

The price of the project is 60 billion rubles. The main investor is Sberbank. The launch of production is planned for the end of 2020, the project capacity will be 330 thousand tons per year.

In the Caspian Innovation Company project , METACLAY experts will be involved. They have a long experience of work with polymers at their manufacture in Karachev. METACLAY also has a laboratory for polymers study in the Skolkovo Technopark.

The new manufacture will produce so-called metallocene polyethylenes, that is polyethylenes of extremely high density. Such polyethylenes are used for the manufacture of particularly strong films used in food industry, in agriculture and in other industries. In addition, they can be further processed and used as additives to other types of polyethylenes.

70% of the Caspian Innovation Company project products  will be exported, while the rest  METAKLAY plant will consume as raw materials. This will allow to increase in a quarter the revenue of Karachev enterprise, which will increase tax payments to all levels of Bryansk region budget and to the federal budget.