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METACLAY will start construction of a gas chemical complex in Astrakhan

Sergey Shtepa, Director General of METACLAY signed the Agreement on the Construction of a Gas Chemical Complex with Alexander Zhilkin, the Governor of the Astrakhan Region, at the TECHNOCASPIAN-2017 Forum.

Under the Agreement with the Government of the Astrakhan region, it is planned to build a complex for deep processing of natural gas into high-tech polymers according to world standards. METACLAY will act as a consumer of 30% of new gas chemical complex products for its manufacture. Through this the Karachev enterprise will expand the share of domestic raw materials. Revenues will increase by a quarter, which will increase tax deductions to all levels of Bryansk region budget and to the federal budget. The main investor of the project will be Gazprom. Skolkovo Fund will also participate in the creation of new manufacture. RUSNANO also considers the possibility of its participation taking into account the successful experience of creating METACLAY project. The building of the complex will involve a significant number of METACLAY employees who have a long experience in designing and working with polymers both in manufacture and in laboratories.

70% of gas chemical complex products will be exported. This way, there will be not just hydrocarbon raw materials but polymers of a new generation with high added value will be sent abroad.

There is a plan that the complex will produce 300 thousand tons of polymer products per year, the launch of manufacture is scheduled for the end of 2020.