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METACLAY took part in the meeting of Gazprom PJSC

METACLAY took part in the meeting of Gazprom PJSC on the issue: "Results and prospects for cooperation between Gazprom PJSC and enterprises of the Russian metallurgical and machine-building complex" led by Alexey Miller. The meeting was held on the site of "Power Machines" PJSC plant in St. Petersburg. Sergey Shtepa, Director General, reported the results of METACLAY's work with the pipe industry enterprises to date. Representatives of Severstal PJSC, ITZ JSC, TMK PJSC, OMK JSC, CHTPZ PJSC took part in the meeting.

During the meeting there was an award of the winners of the competition "Development of perspective products for Gazprom PJSC facilities. Technologies of future development 2017". METACLAY was among the winners and received a diploma for the protective coating system Metalen PE-21 for the gas pipes. This system has no imported analoges and allows to dispense without a glueline (adhesive).

At the exhibition within the framework of the meeting, our company presented the latest samples of pipe industry products among which there were gas pipes bioplugs  instead of existing plugs made of ordinary polymer material. Plugs protect the pipes  cavity from debris and moisture during transportation and storage. METACLAY has developed a new biomaterial that is safe for nature and allows to leave plugs on the places of pipeline laying after their use. The new material consists of a biodegradable composition of polyethylene and an organophilic nanoclay "Monamet 104". Under the UV radiation impact the material collapses on the molecular level and turns into powder. After grinding the material microorganisms start to recycle the starches preplaced in biodegradable material.

METAСLAY also presented a new pipe construction for domestic and industrial use, this is a metallized multilayer pipe (MMP) with a 260 mm diameter. The construction and technology of MMP pipes combines two innovative METACLAY's materials: an anticorrosive METALEN PE-21 for external coating and a functional polyethylene powder Coutmet-AV for an internal smooth coating. MMP construction eliminates the need of using steel products and welding operations to connect pipeline components through the use of polymeric unions which significantly reduces costs.