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METACLAY products are represented in the Federation Council

On April 26, 2017, Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of Management Board of RUSNANO, spoke at the meeting of the upper house of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation. The speech was timed to the end of the first decade of RUSNANO's activities.

In support of its achievements, RUSNANO presented its best projects in the Federation Council including METACLAY.

METACLAY is currently rated as the best RUSNANO project created in the cluster of  "Chemistry and Petrochemistry". In 2015, RUSNANO sold its stake of 49% in METACLAY to Gazprom. At that time, METACLAY had the latest technology of gas pipes protective coating which still none of the competitors had ever implemented on industrial scale. This technology and modern production facilities of our company now provide Gazprom with the necessary share of protective materials for the "Power of Siberia."