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A new sample of METACLAY products is at the Neftegaz-2017 exhibition

METACLAY demonstrated a new product - COUTMET AV at the "Neftegaz-2017" exhibition. A sample using CUTMET AV was presented at the stand of our strategic partner Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat JSC.

COUTMET AV is a composite anticorrosive material for the internal smooth pipes coating. The material was demonstrated applied to the inner surface of a pipe of 1420 m diameter. This sample was manufactured on the Vyksa Metallurgical Plant site.

CUTUMET AV will be another import-substituting product of METACLAY. Its analogues, epoxy powders, are manufactured in the USA, Europe and Asia. Our Company has already had successful experience of import substitution with external anticorrosion coatings in the conditions of fierce competition with foreign manufactures. Through this the output of COUTMET AV will be achieved in a shorter time on the Russian market.