Bldg 1, Bolshoy boulevard, 42 Skolkovo technopark, Moscow, 143026
15 Karl Marx str. 242500 Karachev Bryansk region

About us

METACLAY JSC is a Russian manufacture of innovative polymer compositions based on nano-silicates. Manufacturer's polymeric compounds are used in various industries: pipe, cable, food, construction.

Our products to are regard as a competitor to imported and domestic counterparts in the markets of silane-crosslinked and halogen-free compounds for the sheath and insulation of cable core, materials for anti-corrosion coating of metal products and repair of insulation, composite pipes for housing and communal services, adhesives for food packaging and organomodifiers for polymers. Our partners are ChTPZ PJSC, TMK PJSC, OMK JSC, Severstal PJSC, Irkutskabel JSC, Kirskabel JSC, Rybinskkabel SP LLC and others.

METACLAY products meet the requirements of: Gazprom PJSC (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC), Transneft SC (R&D Transneft LLC), TMK PJSC (RosNITI OJSC); as well as voluntarily certified in the institutes: NANOSERTIFIKA ANO, New Technologies of Quality LLC (INTERGAZSERT), Ecosert LLC, Vega LLC. Company's quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001-2015.

The company has a technical service that is ready within 24 hours to provide the necessary assistance to our customers. We can tailor the properties of each product according to the needs of customers. In this regard we have pilot plants and test equipment at the production site in Karachev and at the "Skolkovo" IC in Moscow.

METACLAY Research and Development, a subsidiary company, is a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center and equipped with a set of laboratory machines and instruments. It has four operating teams. Their joint work provides an integrated approach to requests: engineering of new polymeric materials, studies of the existing samples properties, pilot batches release. The work quality is confirmed by the certificate of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009.