Of. 1416, bldg 1, Bolshoy boulevard, 42 Skolkovo technopark, Moscow, 143026
15 Karl Marx str. 242500 Karachev Bryansk region

About us

JSC METACLAY is the Russian manufacturer of nano-silicates and polymer compounds based on them. Our products are accredited in the laboratory of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC and are used for the construction of «Power of Siberia» pipeline.

Over the past 5 years, our Company has been able to meet the need of the domestic market from zero to 80% in anticorrosion coatings for gas pipelines in the face of the need for import substitution. Through this achievement METACLAY JSC joined the group "Gazprom".

We have vast experience in innovative products commercialization : segmentation and stimulation of demand, and interaction with government agencies, and organization of laboratory support for production as well as certification, equipment selection, infrastructure development and financial modeling.

METACLAY is interested in considering and commercializing innovative developments that are of value to the modern market.