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TU 20.16.10-044-63341682-2017

Powder polyethylene composition COATMET AFM is a material based on polyethylene and a complex of additives that improve technological and operational properties.

COATMET AFM composition is developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 21809-3, and also meets the requirements of ISO 21809-1 for class A and B coatings.

COATMET AFM PE-210-RAL composition has a high degree of adhesion and is designed to create an external and internal anti-corrosive protective coating for steel fittings of main pipelines (bends, branch connections, adapters, etc.), tanks, reservoirs, silos, tanks for various purposes, including those in contact with drinking water and food products. Powder protective coating COATMET AFM can be used on metal, non-metal and concrete foundations. Predominantly, the method of flame spraying is used with COATMET AFM.