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MONAMET 1O3 Organoclay for Polymer Modification


Organoclay for Polymer Modification.

MONAMET 1O3 organophilic clay may be used as an additive for polymers in order to provide a set of new properties to materials based on widely known polymers, as well as to improve properties, such as: physical and mechanical properties, barrier properties, reduced combustibility, increased material stiffness and strength, resistance to radiation, etc.

MONAMET 1O3 may be applied as a functional additive in the following polymers: polyethylene (РЕ); polypropylene (РР), copolymers of ethylene and monomers containing aromatic functional groups; polyvinylchloride (PVC); polyethers containing aromatic groups within their polymer chain.

MONAMET 1O3 may be applied as an additive to some oligomeric and low-molecular-weight substances as thickeners (rheological additives): epoxy resins, bitumens and polymer-bitumen binders, solvents for paints and varnishes, etc.