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 Flame retardant material "METAFLAME EP" is a two-component epoxy product with a high dry residue. Designed to protect the load-bearing metal structures of industrial and civil facilities in the conditions of cellulose and hydrocarbon fires with fire protection efficiency from 45 to 120 min.

The flame retardant material "METAFLAME EP" is certified according to the new international rules No. 4 of 2020 for the requirements of TR EAEU 043/2017.

The flame retardant material "METAFFLAME EP" was developed taking into account all the requirements and norms of the Russian Federation. It has increased weather resistance in the conditions of maritime climate and climate of the Far North boreal1, frigid1, C5-I, C5-M, chemically resistant in extremely aggressive environments.

The use of flame retardant material "METAFFLAME EP" makes it possible to carry out fire-retardant work at a high speed due to the high "wet" layer in one work operation using standard application equipment.

The strength characteristics of the flame retardant material "METAFLAME EP" make it possible to apply the material not only at the construction site, but also in the conditions of the factory shop before installation, followed by safe transportation of painted metal structures to the object, which is especially important in northern and sparsely populated regions with a short period of painting work.

The projected lifetime of the METAFFLAME EP coating is at least 25 years when used in an industrial atmosphere of a temperate, moderately cold and frigid climate (N1, boreal1, frigid1, according to GOST 9.104-2018, atmosphere type II according to GOST 15150-69). The coating is highly resistant to moisture, salt fog (NаCl 5%), gasoline, o-xylene. Conforms to corrosion category C5. The material is earthquake resistant 9 points on the MSK-64 scale.