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Polyethylene composition for sheathing on power and optical cables

TU 2243-028-63341282-2016

METALEN PE-11K is a composition based on black HDPE. METALEN PE-11K has high processability, low shrinkage and temperature stability during processing.

The main advantage of the material is a very high resistance to cracking under the environmental influence and high impact strength. In terms of resistance to photo-oxidative and thermal aging, and in terms of resistance to cracking under load, the composition surpasses the brand 273-81K. The compound has high physical and mechanical properties in tension and bending.

METALEN PE-11K due to its high resistance to thermal aging, cracking under load and high strength characteristics, is used for the manufacture of optical cable sheaths. METALEN PE-11K is used as a sheath for medium and high voltage cables.

Download the Specification for METALEN PE-11K