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Compound 0-11/0-51


Silanol-crosslinkable black PE composition

TU 2243-001-63341682-2016

COMPOUND O-11/O-51 is a silanol-crosslinkable polyolefin composition. Compound O-11, a polyolefin silanol-crosslinkable composition, is a Compound O-11 - a black composition based on polyethylene chemically modified with silane and Compound O-51 - a crosslinking catalyst concentrate in an aqueous medium.

COMPOUND O-51 is available in unpainted color. The composition contains a complex of stabilizers, which provides resistance to aggressive environmental factors, oxidative degradation, and also provides high thermal stability during processing.

COMPOUND O-11 is used in a mixture with a crosslinking catalyst of the Compound O-51 brand in a ratio of 95: 5 for the insulation of SIW. Cable insulation made from the Compound O-11 / O-51 mixture complies with the requirements of GOST 31946-2012 “Self-supporting insulated and protected wires for overhead power lines”. Composition O-11/O-51 is approved by TС 46 “Cable Products”.

Download the Specification for COMPOUND O-11