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Compound 0-12/0-51


Silanol-crosslinkable unpainted PE composition

TU 2243-001-63341682-2016

COMPOUND O-12 /O-51 is a silanol-crosslinkable polyolefin composition. Compound O-12, a polyolefin silanol-crosslinkable composition, is a Compound O-12 - unpainted polyethylene chemically modified with silane and Compound O-51 - a crosslinking catalyst concentrate in an aqueous medium.

COMPOUND O-51 is available in unpainted color. The composition contains a complex of stabilizers, which provides resistance to aggressive environmental factors, oxidative degradation, and also provides high thermal stability during processing.

The product has high technological effectiveness in the manufacture of cables with a thin section of conductors.

COMPOUND O-12/O-51 is used in combination with a crosslinking catalyst of the Compound 0-51 brand in a ratio of 95: 5 for applying insulation of low-voltage cables by extrusion. Composition 0-12 / 0-51 meets the standards of TС 46 “Cable products”.

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