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METACLAY JSC concluded an agreement with the Monocities Development Fund for the production of fiberglass plastic coating

METACLAY JSC will receive an interest-free loan from the Monocities Development Fund for the purchase of equipment and machinery to start the production of polymer fiberglass tape (ATP tape "METALENTA"), reinforced with continuous glass fiber.

ATP tape, in turn, is intended for the manufacture of protection (FPCKolchuga”) of main pipelines from damage in rock, gravel-cobble and frozen soils during construction, reconstruction, repair and dragging by trenchless and trench methods.

ATP tape is a unique product, which is a composite material based on modified polyethylene, unidirectionally reinforced with glass roving, and a complex of additives that provides the material with increased resistance to thermal oxidative degradation during processing and operation.

Fiberglass tape will provide protection from mechanical damage to the insulation coating, which in turn serves as a corrosion protection for pipes of Russian gas and oil main pipelines with a diameter of 219 mm to 1420 mm. The tape will also be used in structurally complex products applied in the construction and repair of various buildings and structures.

Under the agreement, the loan amount is more than 152 million rubles, and the total project amount is 338 million rubles.

As a result of the project implementation, it is planned to create 62 new jobs by the end of 2020.