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Sergey Shtepa presented new developments on the site of Seversky Pipe Plant to Gazprom PJSC

Sergey Shtepa, Director General of METACLAY JSC, took part in the on-site working meeting of Gazprom PJSC delegation under the guidance of Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board, at the site of “Seversky Pipe Plant” PJSC (PMC). The meeting was also attended by Dmitry Pumpyansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMK PJSC, and heads of departments of Gazprom PJSC.

In the report, Sergey Shtepa presented the joint development of METAKLAY JSC and TMK PJSC according to the technical task of Gazprom PJSC, Department 308  - Large Diameter Pipe with a fiberglass sheath. LDP with fiberglass sheath have high impact resistance, durability, sticking and freezing. These pipes are possible for using in horizontal drilling and construction of water transitions. Fiberglass sheath protects the outer polyethylene anti-corrosion coating from exposure to aggressive environment.

Additionally, Sergey Shtepa noted that METAKLAY JSC is collaborating with Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC with the support of the Departments 335 (P.V. Krylov), 308 (V. A. Mikhalenko), 121 (M.V. Sirotkin) in areas :

1. “KOUTMET”, powder anticorrosion coating of steel structures, bends, fittings and welded joints (with the participation of “ChTPZ” PJSC and “ETERNO” LLC).

2. "BALIT", lining system for protection against mechanical damage to coatings and set-on weight (weight material).

3. "UKM", covering material  to protect pipeline coatings.

4. BIO plugs for transporting and storing pipes, fittings and valves.