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METACLAY JSC took part in the RUSNANO WEEK in the State Duma

Director general of METACLAY JSC Sergey Shtepa took part in the roundtable discussion "The state and prospects of nanoindustry development in the Russian Federation" within the framework of the RUSNANO WEEK in the State Duma. The event was organized by the State Duma Committee of Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship.

A particularly topical subject of the round table for our company was the reform of the intellectual property rights system. The draft of this reform was told by Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of the Management Board of the RUSNANO Management Company, and discussed proposals with the heads of the nanoindustry enterprises.

METACLAY JSC also presented its materials for the construction of gas pipelines at the RUSNANO WEEK exhibition in the State Duma. In particular, visitors could see the material Metalen PE-21 for a revolutionary new monolayer system of gas pipes anticorrosion coating. This is an innovative development, which is produced by nobody but only our company in an industrial scale. Metalen PE-21 is consumed by metallurgical companies to insulate pipes that are used to build the "Power of Siberia" and other main gas pipelines. Another material in the exposition is Metalen BIO and a sample of a biodegradable plug made from it. Biodegradable plugs are made to protect the pipe body from moisture and contaminants instead of plugs from a normal polymer material.

Within the framework of the event, an agreement was reached on further cooperation between METACLAY JSC and ROSNANO JSC jointly with Italian partners. It is to be recalled that in 2015, "RUSNANO" sold its stake of 49% to METACLAY company in the structure of Gazprom enterprises.