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METACLAY tighten control of raw materials and finished products

METAСLAY has purchased a Fisher titrator - a device for detecting water in solid materials and organic liquids to control the quality of our materials production for cable industry. The excessive amount of water in the polymer raw material leads to the formation of pores in the cable insulation. As a result, its insulation properties deteriorate and the shelf life is shortened.

The mass fraction of water is one of the most important indicators of quality. Specific control of water content is required to polymers that are sensitive to moisture. These include, for example, silanol-crosslinkable polyethylene compositions. Determination of moisture in these materials by the traditional method of mass loss by drying is ineffective, since the composition of volatile substances includes not only water vapor.

The method of titration with Carl Fischer's reagent provides extremely accurate data on the water content up to 10 ppm (up to a hundred-thousandth of gram). This accuracy is an impressive resource for achieving excellent physical and mechanical properties of finished products.

At present, METACLAY is developing a project of a peroxidic cross-linking composition for the power cables insulation, and determining the amount of H₂O in this new item is fundamentally important.

Despite the high cost, our company purchased an automatic titrator of South Korean production and put it into operation to control raw materials and finished products for water rating.