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METACLAY certified ecological materials

METACLAY JSC received NANOCERTIFICA ANCO certificates for a new METALEN-BIO material and for the product from this material - a BIO plug for transportation and storage of pipes.

Two years ago, the board of PJSC Gazprom took the initiative to develop a modern material capable to riun quickly under the influence of light, water and air without damage to nature. In this case, the material has to meet modern requirements for strength during operation. Polymeric materials specialists of METAKCAY JSC together with research associates of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Department of Fundamental Physical-Chemical Engineering coped with this task. As a result, METALEN-BIO material was developed, which consists of biodegradable polyethylene, a complex of additives and organophilic nanosilicate "Monamet 1O4".

METALEN-BIO will be used for the production of biodegradable gas pipes instead of existing plugs made of ordinary polymeric material. Plugs protect the cavity of pipes from debris and moisture during transportation and storage. METALEN-BIO will allow to leave plugs on the places of pipeline laying after their use. Under the influence of UV radiation, the material will break down at the molecular level and turn into a powder. After milling the material, microorganisms processing starches pre-placed in METALEN-BIO will enter the process. As a result, there will be savings in the disposal of the plugs, given the long distances and harsh climatic conditions of the gas pipeline sites.