Bldg 1, Bolshoy boulevard, 42 Skolkovo technopark, Moscow, 143026
15 Karl Marx str. 242500 Karachev Bryansk region

Common Use Center (Research Laboratory)

Common Use Center (CUC) and its affiliated Research Laboratory is a multidisciplinary test center created according to modern international standards. The advanced equipment of the Center allows to conduct a wide range of works in the fields of development, research, testing and production of polymer composite materials. CUC is situated at Skolkovo technopark and has the Approval.

The staff of CUC are graduates of the leading chemical universities of Russia, specialists of long experience in the polymer industry, engineers, masters, candidates of Science. The laboratory has a positive experience of participation in government entrepot from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Industrial Development Fund, as well as extensive experience in performing R&D and RTD activities on contracts for institutes and commercial enterprises throughout Russia.

The Center has accreditation certificates as an independent testing center for ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

CUC consists of four divisions that specialize in performing specific tasks in their field. The joint work of these ventures provides a comprehensive approach to the search for new materials, researches on existing samples properties, production of pilot batches of composites based on thermoplastics, production of experimental batches of materials for testing at the customer’s place.

The Center offers testing and production of polymer composite materials on a contractual basis.

The list of pusued tests includes such demanded ways of characterization of polymeric materials and products such as:

  • Evaluation of physical and mechanical characteristics of materials and products thereof (Young's modulus, yield strength, elongation at break, maximum strength). Tests can be carried out both at low to -60Co and at high up to + 200Сo temperatures. Samples can be subjected to tensile, compression, bending, friction, tearing tests.
  • Evaluation of the adhesive compound strength at glue compositions test .
  • Evaluation of melt flow index of polyolefin materials.
  • Evaluation of the gas and vapor permeability of film materials to determine permeability coefficients for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor.
  • Evaluation of materials resistance to long-term heat aging, aging in corrosive environments or atmospheric aging in an artificial light-traffic chamber.
  • Evaluation of temperature and heat of melting of various materials in the temperature ranges from -160C to + 600C.
  • Evaluation of ash content and thermal stability of the samples in different atmospheres (inert, oxidizing, air) with a controlled temperature heating program.
  • Evaluation of polymer matrix type in the sample and evaluation of inorganic filler type (qualitative and quantitative).
  • Determination of thermal expansion coefficient of the sample in temperature ranges from -160Co to + 500Co.
  • Evaluation of the Young's modulus, tangent of mechanical losses on the frequency of the load (from 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz) and on the temperature in the temperature ranges from -160С0 to + 500С0.
  • Determination of static and dynamic coefficient of friction.
  • Evaluation of the hardness of the specimens, pressing through, impact strength.
  • Evaluation of materials incombustibility in the oxygen index and exposure to a hot wire.
  • Determination of Induction Period of materials Oxidation.
  • Evaluation of molecular mass and molecular mass distribution of polymer materials.

The center has an ability to create composite materials formulation to the customer, using its own twin-screw extruder with a screw diameter of 26mm and L / D = 48. The unit is equipped with a gravimetric doser, two side feeders, a liquid feeder system and a vacuum system. The line also includes a cooling bath and a side-cutting granulator. This allows to create of polymer compositions of any compound complexity including highly filled brands with 80% inorganic filler addition.

 In addition, CUC has a line for a three-layer polymer film blowing with an ability to produce a sleeve of 300 mm diameter.

  • CTO
  • Andrey Meshalkin
  • +7 (499) 969-81-30