Bldg 1, Bolshoy boulevard, 42 Skolkovo technopark, Moscow, 143026
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Common Use Center (Research Laboratory)

Collective Use Center (CUC)

An independent accredited testing laboratory founded in 2009. The laboratory is engaged in formulation development and testing of polymers, including:  

  • 1. Determination of physical parameters: density, hardness, brittleness, thermal stability, viscosity, color, friction coefficient, abrasion, resistance to combustion, oxygen index. 

    2. Determination of physical and mechanical parameters in tension, compression and bending from -60 to +250°C - strength, elongation, elasticity modulus, etc.

    3. Climatic tests: thermal cycling in any environments, chemical resistance, UV aging with water spraying

    4. Film testing: gas permeability, tensile strength;

    5.  Study of material properties at molecular level: melting point, amount of volatiles, carbon black, mineral fillers, determination of molecular weight and type of polymer matrix, infrared spectroscopy, degree of cross-linking, moisture.

    6. Testing of coatings (paintwork, powder polymer coatings, polyurethane, mastic, etc.) - thickness, adhesion, tensile, uniformity, viability, impact resistance.

    7. Development of test batches of your material (polyolefins, SEBS, PVC, PETF, functional polymers and composites) - from 3 to 100 kg (2-screw extruders with side feeder, water cooling of the strand).

    8. Manufacturing of films (from 30 microns) and extrusion band (from 100 microns to 2 mm) from your material

    9. Casting and pressing - making samples for tests.

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  • Cooperation and signing contracts: - Head of the CUC
  • Ulyana Tsyutskoma
  • +79652375942, +79254171334 
  • Technical consultations: - Deputy Head of the CUC
  • Vladimir Zlobin 
  • +7-905-742-67-48