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15 Karl Marx str. 242500 Karachev Bryansk region

Human Resources

Personnel Training and Retraining

Human resources secure successful development of an enterprise, therefore the enterprise’s top-priority policy lines include: recruitment of competent and highly qualified specialists with extensive experience, and continuous professional development of the personnel. Those components ensure increased personal responsibility for quality, outcome, and safety of the production.

Our staff includes qualified specialists gathered from all across Russia. All of them are professionals in their particular area. Many of them graduated country’s top universities, some have international qualification. The enterprise’s major specialists have academic degrees and ranks; many employees, besides the primary education, have secondary higher education in related fields.

Our employees’ professionalism is based on the long-term working experience and continuous professional development. Besides regular proficiency testing and additional training in special areas, our employees undergo annual assessment in industrial and occupational safety, as well as other disciplines securing both the safety of production processes and employees, and compliance with the laws. Education is a guarantee of sustainable business.

It is the personal responsibility of our employees, the experience supported by knowledge that provide success and reliability of our enterprise.