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Environmental Safety

Environmental Protection

Compliance with the environmental laws, responsible approach to the activities, and improvement of environmental protection measures makes METACLAY JSC trusted by not only its employees but the society on the whole.

Air Protection

METACLAY is equipped with certified foreign equipment. The process resources, being the basis of the enterprise’s activities, are environmentally safe, low-waste (the waste generated in the production process are recycled by the enterprise), highly efficient, and economical. Moreover, the enterprise has modern gas and dust cleaning equipment that not only decreases the environmental impact but also allows recycling a valuable half-finished product.

Surface and Underground Water Protection

The waste water is discharged to the municipal sewage system. The enterprise has a modern waste water pretreatment system installed allowing removal of a useful byproduct from the waste water and reduction in the load on the municipal sewage system. METACLAY JSC has a license to use subsoil resources and complies with all the corresponding requirements. The sanitary protection zones for underground water supply sources are organized in accordance with sanitary rules and regulations. The underground water itself is protected by a thick clay layer that precludes pollution.

Soil and Subsoil Protection

The enterprise adopts separate storage (interim accumulation) of all waste hazard classes. The wastes are stored in accordance with the storage conditions typical for their hazard class, in closed sealed containers in specially allocated areas. Production and consumption wastes of hazard class 4 and 5 (MSW) are landfilled. Wastes of hazard classes 1 to 3, as well as recyclable wastes of hazard class 4 and 5, are transferred for disposal to specialized organizations licensed to that activity. The waste placement sites are asphalted or have a concrete base, which precludes soil pollution.

Industrial Environmental Monitoring (IEM)

Industrial Environmental Monitoring of the environmental condition is exercised in accordance with the schedule plans coordinated with Rosprirodnadzor. Samples of waste waters and industrial discharges to the atmosphere are systematically taken and analyzed. The atmospheric air quality at the sanitary protection zone boundary in residential areas is also monitored during a year. The enterprise maintains records of negative environmental impact sources and prepares quarterly and annual statements. The negative impact fee is timely paid. The IEM program and the measures plan are annually reviewed and coordinated with Rosprirodnadzor.

By its activities, METACLAY JSC proves that ensuring production’s environmental safety is not a coercive measure but a cost-effective undertaking.